• DGT events are cancelled until further notice. We wish all members well during the current COVID-19 circumstances.
Devon Gardens Trust is devoted to the preservation and enhancement of gardens in the UK county of Devon

History of the DGT – 1988-present

The Devon Gardens Trust was launched on 22nd April 1988 at Bicton Park, East Budleigh, so 2018 will be the 30th anniversary of the Trust (click here for details of the Events planned for 2018). The inaugural General Meeting, with Lord Clinton (President of the Trust) elected as Chairman for the day. Fifty eight members were present. In 2008, twenty years after launch, a booklet entitled, “Devon Gardens Trust: A short history 1988-2008” was published and can be downloaded here.


1988-1993Lord Clinton
1993-1995Sir Peter Bristow
1995-1998Leonard Stocks
1998-2007Countess of Arran (Patron of the Trust 2007 to date)
2007-2015Sir Malcolm Field
2015 to dateMichael Hickson VMH
1988-1989Sir Peter Bristow
1989-1990Lady O'Hagan 
1990-1993 Robin Fausset 
1993-1996Steven Pugsley 
1996-1999Mary Clarke 
1999-2002Joy Williams MBE 
2002-2006Carolyn Keep 
2006-2009 Dr Clare Greener 
2009-2012 Janet Anderson 
2012-2016 Dr Ian Varndell 
2016-to date Dianne Long 
1988-1989Gerry Skinner 
1990-1994Dr Richard Padley
1994-2007David Quicke
2007-2008Lucy Allington
2008-2012Susan Hill
2012-2016Shirley Tamblyn
2016-to datePenny Hammond
1988-1999David Richardson
1999-2014Dr Eric Durrance