Meetings of Trustees

Trustees meets quarterly and at other times as necessary. Meetings comprise trustees and officers together with other members with specific responsibilities. Trustees are elected by the membership to serve for three years and may be re-elected for a second term. Trustees elect the chairman. Committees responsible for different aspects of the Trust's work report to Trustees, each of whom are usually involved in one or more of the committees. 

The role of Trustees is set out in the Trust's  Articles and include: 

  • agreeing the annual budget and approving delegated authority for expenditure.
  • approving grants.
  • agreeing the terms of reference and constitution of committees or groups and confirming the appointment of the chairs of committees or groups.
  • approving the appointment of officers for example the Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Conservation Office.
  • appointing consultants and individuals paid for services. 
  • determining the number, remit, term of office and appointment of vice presidents.