DGT Treasurer


The role of Treasurer is vital in providing the sound financial management that is essential for the good governance of the charity. It helps to ensure that the Trust is run efficiently, has a sustainable and exciting future and can deliver on its objectives of promoting and protecting Devon's designed landscapes for future generations.The Treasurer is an officer of the Trust whose main duties are to:

  • manage the financial affairs of the charity, including day-to-day recording of income and expenditure, payments etc.
  • prepare quarterly finance reports for the Council of Management
  • prepare the annual budget in consultation with the Finance Committee
  • provide any analysis required by the Council of Management,including five year projections
  • prepare all financial documentation for the accountant's preparation of year-end financial statements
  • liaise with the chairman and others on the financial statement for theAGM, filing reports with Charity Commission and Companies’ House etc.
  • liaise with investment managers and accountants

To undertake this role the Treasurer should have:

  • a willingness to engage with and contribute to the overall management of the charity and its strategic objectives
  • an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of being a charity treasurer
  • sound financial competence
  • good computer literacy including Excel
  • a commitment to DGT's objectives andan interest in Devon's rich heritage of gardens, parks and cemeteries

The Trust’s Treasurer attends all meetings of the Council of Management (board of trustees) (usually four a year), the Finance Committee (about four a year) and meetings with the Trust’s investment managers (one to two a year). These may be held in person or online (as currently). Apart from meetings, the commitment is on average 3-4 hours a month.We would be delighted to hear from any member who may be interested in the role, or if you know of someone who is not a member but who might be suitable and interested, please do suggest that they get in touch. For further information contact mailto: [email protected]