Trees in Devon

In this section, some of the rare, unusual or most notable tree species found in Devon are being documented. Information will be built up over time to become a valuable resource for Tree Recorders, Spotters and anyone interested in beautiful trees.

  • Wollemi Pine

    One of the most exciting additions to the tree component of our Devon gardens in recent years is the Wollemi Pine, Wollemia nobilis.
  • Monkey Puzzle

    On its introduction to this country, the Monkey Puzzle immediately became popular as a specimen tree in parks and gardens of all sizes in Devon, sometimes in most unsuitable places, such as villa front gardens.
  • Pagoda Tree

    This tree is sadly under represented in Devon. It is found as a specimen tree in a few domestic gardens, surprisingly in a small front garden where it overhangs the road.
  • True Cedars

    True cedars are well represented in both large and small Devon gardens and parks, ranging from the impressive Cedar of Lebanon