Tree Recorders

Tree Recorders record the salient features of interesting trees: their girth, height, canopy size, reproductive characters, and general well-being. Trees are photographed. Young trees are also recorded, the information contributing to growth rates in relation to environmental conditions.The information is added to the DGT Tree Register and occasionally information will be sent to the Tree Register of the British Isles which determines whether a tree might be a champion in the national context. Our records are confidential, divulged only with permission from the garden owner, but facts may be selected and extracted on request. Garden owners are generally proud of their trees. Recorders visit gardens at the invitation of garden owners and are often privileged to visit beautiful gardens that are not open to the public. We welcome new volunteers as Tree Recorders (you do not have to be a member of the Trust). No previous experience in recording trees is needed and the only requirement is an enthusiasm for trees and the landscape. Training and support will be given for the various skills required including tree identification, in techniques of measurement and recording and the use of the appropriate tools which will be supplied. The work of the Tree Recorders is voluntary, but expenses are paid by the Trust. For further information contact [email protected]

Anyone can act as a Tree Spotter by reporting the sighting of a 'significant' tree within the county. This includes very old specimens, very unusual species and trees which contribute significantly to the landscape. Where a tree is in a private garden, and not clearly visible from a road or public right of way, permission must be sought from the owner to forward information. For further information contact [email protected]