Trustees are elected by the membership to serve for three years and may be re-elected for a second term. Trustees elect the chair and vice-chair who serve for two years; they meet quarterly and at other times as necessary. Meetings include trustees, officers and other members with specific responsibilities. Trustees are usually involved in one or more of the committees responsible for different aspects of the Trust's work and which report to the Trustees. 

The role of Trustees is set out in the Trust's Articles and includes: 

  • agreeing the annual budget and approving delegated authority for expenditure.
  • approving grants.
  • agreeing the terms of reference and constitution of committees or groups and confirming the appointment of the chairs of committees or groups.
  • approving the appointment of officers for example the Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Conservation Officer.
  • appointing consultants and individuals paid for services. 
  • determining the number, remit, term of office and appointment of vice presidents.

Trustees 2023/24

Ms Susan Minter (re-elected 12 September 2023) (Chair)
Mrs Stephanie Berry (elected 1 September 2021)
Mr Shane Cormie (re-elected 1 September 2021)
Mr Paul Faulkner (elected 7 December 2022)
Ms Jane Knight (elected 7 December 2022)
Mrs Elizabeth Lewis (elected 24 September 2022)
Dr Rosemary Yallop (elected 24 September 2022) (Vice-chair)


Conservation Committee - Chair: Dr Dianne Long
Research and Recording Committee - Chair: David Sykes
Education Committee - Chair: Penny Hammond
Events and Communications Committee - Chair: Shane Cormie
Finance & Governance Committee - Chair: Dr Rosemary Yallop 

Other Trust Officers

Membership - Elizabeth Lewis

Professional Gardeners Network - 

We are keen to involve as many volunteers from across the county as possible in all aspects of the Trust's activities for however much time they may wish to contribute. If you are interested, please contact the chairman in the first instance [email protected]


The current Vice-Presidents of the Devon Gardens Trust are:

Mrs Janet Anderson
Dr Eric Durrance
Mr Peter Hunt
Mr Steven Pugsley
Mrs Joy Williams MBE
ex officio The Lord Bishop of Exeter