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The Trust publishes a Journal approximately every two years. The articles by Devon and other researchers are often the only published research on a particular landscape or subject. The Journal is supplied free to members of the Trust. Articles can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the article title. Note that currently PDFs are not available for articles in Issue 3.

Prospective authors should contact the Editor [email protected] to discuss potential articles and timescales for publication and should consult the Trust's Guidance Notes for Authors for details of the submission process.

Copies of the Journal are priced £7.00 each including p&p and can be obtained by contacting us [email protected] or writing to:

Devon Gardens Trust, Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David's Hill, Exeter,  EX4 3RG

  • Journal 4
    June 2016

Stover Park - an update - Stuart Drabble
Rousdon, A Victorian Garden - Nicky Campbell
Sand: A Tudor Tale Barbie Moul
Grant Aided Landscapes in Devon Kim Auston
Mr Slade and the Edwardian Gardens at Poltimore House - Barbara Adams, Anne Jervoise, Julia Neville and Carole Shaw
Victorian and Edwardian Glasshouses: History and Conservation - Robert Jameson
Oldway - Versailles on the English Riviera Judy Walton
A Magician with Tender Plants Carolyn Keep
Book Reviews:  
       Nicky Campbell, To Buy a Whole Parish: Rousdon and the Peekes
       Hugh Meller, The Country Houses of Devon
       Heidi Howcroft, First Ladies of Gardening
       Carolyn Keep, F W Meyer, a Landscape Gardener in Devon

  • Journal 3
    July 2013

It is not currently possible to provide PDFs for view or download

Jekyll Borders for Devon - Carolyn Keep
Garden Women in Devon - Clare Greener
Mr Seale's Woods: The Eighteenth Century Landscape of Mount Boone, Dartmouth - Josephine Brown
A Stroll into the Eighteenth Century Around a Ladies Walk - Helen Whitmore
Interpreting Historic Maps - Brian Carpenter and Irene Andrews
Retrogressive Map Analysis - Adam Wainwright
Pontey's: An Introduction to a Plymouth Nursery - Clare Greener
The Beginning and the End of Lucombe, Pince & Co. - Trevor Wood
The Victorian Glasshouse and the work of Messenger and Co. in Devon - Caroline Garrett
Grounds for Learning - Joy Williams
Educating Schoolchildren at RHS Garden Rosemoor - Sarah Chesters
Book Reviews

  • Journal 1
    September 2008

Garden Recording by Devon Gardens Trust - Mary Clarke and Carolyn Keep 
Garden Information from Sale Catalogues - Carolyn Keep 
The NCCPG in Devon - John Carter
Another Brick in the Wall? Restoration or Decay: The State of Walled Gardens in Devon Today - Kim Auston 
The 'Industrious Poor': Nineteenth Century Devon Allotment Gardeners - Clare Greener 
Rousdon - John Clark 
An Examination of the Gardens at Langdon Court - Susi Batty 
Stone Lane Gardens - Paul Bartlett 
Brunel's Hidden Kingdom - Geoffrey Tudor 
The Great Fulford Landscape - Shirley Tamblyn 
A Memorable Place - Wendy Shaw 
Devon Bath Houses in Context - Peggie Upham 
Plaz Metaxu - Susi Batty 
Reviews, Book Notes and Cuttings