The Trust publishes books on subjects related to the designed landscapes of the county and the people who created them. It may also support other publications on Devon gardens, parks, cemeteries and related topics. Copies of books published by the Trust can be purchased by contacting  [email protected]

  • F. W. MEYER (1852-1906)  A Landscape Gardener in Devon
    Carolyn Keep

    Published by Devon Gardens Trust, Exeter (2015); 133pp

    A book on the Victorian horticulturalist and rockery designer, Frederick William Meyer. Price £9.00 including p&p.

  • W J Godfrey (1858-1927) Exmouth Horticulturist
    W J Godfrey (1858-1927) Exmouth Horticulturist
    April Marjoram

    Published by Devon Gardens Trust, Exeter (2019); 127pp

    This book traces the life of William Godfrey, a horticulturist and nurseryman, who also played a prominent part in the civic life of Exmouth, including campaigning for allotments. He was a plant breeder introducing around 200 new varieties of Chrysanthemums, regal and show pelargoniums, oriental poppies and Canterbury bells. The introductions are listed, the majority named after family, friends and local garden owners. Price £9.00 including p&p.

  • The Art of the Devon Garden
    Todd Gray

    Published by The Mint Press, Exeter (2013); 336pp

    Devon's foremost historian Dr Todd Gray MBE produced this lavishly illustrated book to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the DGT's formation. 

  • The Garden History of Devon, An illustrated guide to sources
    Todd Gray

    Published by University of Exeter Press in association with Devon Gardens Trust, Exeter (1995)

    The Trust initiated a research project in 1992 to identify and catalogue the record sources relating to the gardens and parks in the county which resulted in the listing of the sources and in many cases a brief description of some two hundred landscapes. This is a valuable reference for Devon's designed landscapes. 

  • The Lie of the Land: Aspects of the archaeology and history of the designed landscape in the South West of England.
    Robert Wilson-North (ed.)

    Published by Mint Press (2003) in association with the Devon Gardens Trust.
  • Stover Park History and Connections
    Stuart Drabble

    Published by Stover Historic Landscape Trust (2021); 256pp

    This book charts the history of Stover Park from earliest times to the present day and the people involved in its development. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Stover Historic Landscape Trust.  Copies of the book can be ordered by contacting  [email protected]