Interpretation Project Grants

The Trust is keen to promote public understanding and engagement with the history and significance of the county’s garden and designed landscape heritage. We therefore welcome applications for grants towards the delivery of interpretation of historic designed landscapes. 

Devon Gardens Trust would expect normally to contribute a percentage of up to 50% of the total cost of a project. (NB Total costs might include staff or volunteer time, as well as bought-in costs; such costs might be met by in-kind contributions as well as financial contributions from other funders and the applicant.) 

  • The project must take place in Devon at a site on the Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest or on the Devon Local List of Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest.
  • The applicant must normally be a registered charity whose objectives are similar to those of Devon Gardens Trust.
  • The project must further or support the Trust’s charitable purposes and be of public benefit.
  • DGT will not normally award more than one grant to the same organization within a 3 year period.
  • The design and content of the interpretation must be submitted to DGT prior to approval for publication, both because DGT might be able to contribute and because the Trust must ensure that anything which bears its logo is consistent with its objectives and reputation.

Organisations awarded a Devon Gardens Trust grant are expected to

  • acknowledge DGT support publicly in a form to be agreed and to engage with DGT on publicity as agreed. DGT retains the right to publicise all project grants via its website and other media.
  • engage with DGT activities as appropriate and agreed.
  • submit a report to DGT at the completion or otherwise as agreed, on the progress, benefits and outcomes of the project.
  • DGT retains the right to publicise all project grants via its website and other media.

Applications may be submitted at any time. There is no formal application form but the Guidance and Application Checklist for Interpretation Project Grant Applicants details the information we would like to receive. The more information that you can provide the easier it is for the Trust to assess the application and it helps to minimise the queries we might have. If appropriate include photographs or other visual material. We are happy to have an informal discussion in advance of an application, please contact [email protected]

The Trust will acknowledge applications, will make an initial assessment and may then wish to meet with applicants to discuss the project. The Trust may offer suggestions and may ask for further information or amendments to be made to the application. The Trust will consider the application and advise the applicant of the outcome. The Trust would hope to advise applicants within three to five months of the receipt of the application.

A PDF copy of these criteria including the checklist may be downloaded HERE.

Click Interpretation Project Grants Checklist for Applicants to download the Checklist.