Conservation & Planning

We work with owners, managers, local authorities, developers and others to conserve Devon’s designed landscapes, particularly those which might be at risk: gardens, parks, public parks and cemeteries, both private and public, in both urban and rural areas. 

A major part of our work is responding on all planning issues affecting historic designed landscapes in Devon that are on the Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest, and those sites of local importance that are included in the Devon Gazetteer of Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest. We do this on behalf of the national Gardens Trust (a statutory consultee). In addition, from time to time we identify and propose sites that might be of national importance to Historic England for consideration to be included on the Historic England Register, and the Trust itself considers those  of local significance for inclusion in the Devon Gazetteer. We undertake research to underpin our conservation work and where possible we record the current status of the landscapes.

The Trust's conservation work is undertaken by a Conservation Officer and the Conservation Committee. They can offer advice to owners and managers of designed landscapes, drawing on their knowledge and expertise as well as being able to call on others' experience. The Conservation Officer is a chartered town planner, who has considerable knowledge of the county's historic designed landscapes and their setting; he has established a good working relationship with all the local planning authorities in Devon who value his expertise and advice on conservation and planning. The Conservation Committee comprises members with a wealth of expertise and experience in the heritage sector, historic landscape research and professional horticulturists. The Committee monitors conservation matters in the county, supports the Conservation Officer, and makes recommendations, including on grants, to the Trust's Council of Management. 

We also work with other conservation organizations in the county like Devon Historic Buildings Trust, Exeter Civic Society and Devon History Society. For example, we worked with the Devon Historic Buildings Trust to restore a pavilion at RHS Rosemoor and helped the Exeter Historic Buildings Trust with a new garden at 21 The Mint. We also work with local authorities, for example with Torbay Borough Council on the recreation of the Lutyen's garden at the Drum Inn, Cockington and the Rock Walk in Torbay. The Trust was instrumental in the establishment of the Exeter Dissenters' Graveyard Trust and has supported its restoration of the 18th century dissenters' graveyard  on Magdalen Street in Exeter.

The Trust offers grants to support the conservation of historic designed landscapes in the county. For more information click here