Devon Gardens Trust, like other county gardens trust around the country,  seek to protect and conserve the historic designed landscape that includes gardens, parkland, cemeteries and public parks.  In Devon there are 56 sites on the Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England, five of which are listed as Grade 1 - of exceptional importance. There are over 180 parks, gardens and cemeteries in the Devon Gazetteer of Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest, of which 39 are of national importance and should be added to the Historic England Register at Grade II (of special interest warranting every effort to preserve them).

The sites on the Devon Gazetteer are 'heritage assets’ and are included on the List of Heritage Assets compiled by Local Planning Authorities; as such they are a material consideration when considering planning applications.  Responses to planning applications affecting heritage assets made by DGT's Conservation Officer normally appear amongst the documents relating to the application on the relevant local authority planning portal.


  • Research & Recording

    We research the history of gardens, parks, public parks, and cemeteries in Devon and record their current state.
  • Tree Register

    For many years the Devon Gardens Trust has run a successful programme of garden recording, in which overall garden features such as design, planting and history are assessed.
  • Journal

    Devon Gardens Trust have a journal that you can follow along with.
  • Join our Research

    How can you get involved to helping us with our research?
  • Library list

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  • Garden History Sources

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  • Conservation & Planning

    One of the roles of the Trust is to advise and support garden owners and Local Authorities on planning and other issues that affect our historic gardens.
  • Resource Hub

    The Gardens Trust’s Historic Landscape Project has gathered a large range of support materials to help County Gardens Trusts in their conservation work