Grants for Conservation Management Plans

The Trust is keen to encourage owners and managers of historic designed landscapes to recognise the importance of having a comprehensive conservation management plan (CMP) to inform the management and development of the designed landscape. Many designed landscapes in Devon already have a conservation management plan, but some do not, the Trust is therefore offering grants towards the preparation of conservation management plans.

The Trust's criteria for project grants apply:

  • The landscape must be in Devon.
  • The applicant must be a registered charity whose objectives are similar to those of DGT (in exceptional circumstances DGT might consider an application from a non-charitable organization, in which case DGT will weigh carefully the public benefit, public access and heritage value).
  • The amount of grant will depend on the scope of the work.

Grant applications may be made at any time and we encourage discussion with us in advance of submission. In the first instance contact us at [email protected]