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Repton 2018 - an update

Linden Groves, Strategic Development Officer at the Gardens Trust (www.thegardenstrust.org) has released an update on plans for the commemoration of the death bicentenary of Humphry Repton in 2018.  Extracts from Linden's advisory document appear below:

What are we up to?
By way of a recap, our Repton story began in April when the Gardens Trust hosted a meeting in Russell Square for County Gardens Trust representatives and a few others who were interested in continuing the momentum of the Capability Brown Festival and doing something for Repton’s bicentenary. To our delight, what was intended as an intimate chat spiralled into a full blown powwow of some 35 interested folk, from CGTs and beyond. The consensus of that meeting was that we wanted a unified effort to celebrate Repton with research and events not only for our own enjoyment but also for the wider public.

Since then, the GT has successful obtained a grant of £10,000 from Historic England to enable us to kickstart and (hopefully) find 2018 funding for coordinating a Repton celebration  that would have at its heart a drive to use Repton’s bicentenary as a platform to grow our sector into one that is much better equipped to collaborate on effective projects to share our passion for historic parks and gardens with bigger and wider audiences, be it through the sharing of accessible and inspiring research to the running of events that leave a wide range of visitors empowered and enthused.

Repton discussion Forum
The Gardens Trust recently launched a suite of online discussion Forums and one of these is specifically dedicated to Repton. Please join at http://thegardenstrust.org/forums/forum/repton-forum/ and do get the chat started by posting your tips and questions on here, be they research queries, notices of events, or titbits of Reptonian gossip.

Repton logoWe have created a logo and basic branding and these can be used by anyone wishing to indicate that their Repton activity is part of a bigger movement.  To receive a copy of the logo for your use you simply need to fill out an application form, which can be requested from Repton@thegardenstrust.org  or downloaded from the Repton section of the Resource Hub at http://thegardenstrust.org/conservation/hlp-hub/campaigns-and-celebrations/

In due course the Hub will also house a note of our style guidelines, which can be used for your leaflets, posters etc.  We would be delighted if you wished to use these so as to give Repton activities a professional and unified look.

Publicity, website and events calendar
We are also setting up a PR structure to enable us to promote the various Repton celebrations, and have engaged the help of a Communications Adviser, Susannah Charlton, who can be contacted at susannahcharlton@thegardenstrust.org.

We will shortly be launching a new Repton section of the Gardens Trust website to act as a focal point for the celebrations, with an events calendar to highlight all your activities. My next email will have details about how you can publicise your events through our website. 

There is also a Repton Twitter account @Repton200, and we will be using the hashtags #humphryrepton and #Repton200.

We are delighted that Kate Harwood has agreed to reprise her light-touch CGT research coordination role for Repton.  Kate will be sharing advice and helping to answer queries and will shortly be in touch with CGT researchers to explain a little more. She can be contacted at kateharwood@thegardenstrust.org

Many of you will remember that John Phibbs has been liaising with CGTs to transcribe Red Books, a challenge to which they have risen with relish, although there are still a few gaps (Bedfordshire: Sutton Park, Woburn Abbey; Bucks: Hanslope; Cheshire: Aston Park; Cornwall: Port Eliot, Tregothnan; Essex: Riffham’s, Spain’s Hall, Thorndon; Hampshire: Herriard’s, Norman Court, Stratton Park; Herefordshire: Panson Court; Hertfordshire: Wood Hill; Kent: Bayham Abbey; Leicestershire: Buckminster; Middlesex: Whitton; Norfolk: Bracondale, Catton Hall, Honing, Wood Hall; Powys: Stanage; Shropshire: Shavington; Somerset: Royal Fort; Staffordshire: Aqualate, Beaudesert; Suffolk: Helmingham, Shrubland; Surrey: Clapham, Haling, Betchworth; Sussex: Buckhurst, Little Green, Royal Pavilion; Warwickshire: Stoneleigh; Wiltshire: Corsham, Longleat, New Park; Worcestershire: Moseley, Warley; Yorkshire: Rudding, Wentworth Woodhouse). If you would like to get involved, do email johnphibbs@debois.org.uk. He is of course happy to share the transcriptions between participants. 

Linden Groves
Strategic Development Officer, the Gardens Trust
lindengroves@thegardenstrust.org  |  07585 963 361